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How to send your computer for service to ECU Team?

Service Request Form is a very important document containing all the information we need to proceed. This form will be attached to your order details and used for proper service process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. Everything you have to do to send your auto computer to us is described below. Just follow this 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out this service request form with information requested and remember, all the fields with red (*) asterisks are mandatory and you can’t skip them. Click “SUBMIT FORM” when done.Step 2: After you submit your service request form, you’ll get an email to the address you specified in this form. In this email you’ll see your submission copy with the PDF file attached. Print out that file.Step 3: After PDF file has been printed out, include it inside of the parcel along with your defective modules and send it all together to our address that could be found on our website or JUST CLICK HERE.

NOTE: If you have technical difficulties or just can’t fill out online form for any reasons, you can always DOWNLOAD OUR OFFLINE FORM HERE and fill it out manually. Don’t forget to include it inside of the parcel.

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Trouble Codes or Symptomstrouble codes must be with description from scanner. Also name of the scanner you used must be specified
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