Collection: BMW FRM / LCM Service

BMW cars use the FRM2 and FRM3 modules to regulate a variety of electrical features, including windows, air conditioning, and lighting. The driver's footwell region contains the "Footwell Module," or FRM for short. The module's updated versions, FRM2 and FRM3, were launched in various BMW models at various times.

Another module used in BMW vehicles for lighting system management is the LCM, or "Lighting Control Module." The LCM is in charge of managing the vehicle's headlights, taillights, turn signals, and other lighting elements. The LCM is typically found under the console or in the footwell on the driver's side.

The LCM's features are incorporated into the FRM module in some BMW vehicles. A malfunction or harm to the LCM, which is an essential part of the vehicle's electrical system like the FRM, could cause problems with the lighting system.