We are located in Florida, USA.
Our address is: 1883 Church St, West Palm Beach FL 33409

At ECU Team we offer many solutions for different makes and models. To see what we work on, please check “SERVICES” on the very top of the menu. There we listed current services for makes and models that we cover at the moment.

It depends on the complexity of the problem and type of the service you need. Simple repair could take 1 business day. Sometimes it may take 2 business days. Something more complex may take 2-3 days. The most complex problems takes 5-10 business days. Every process is very unique and individual, we can’t tell you exactly.

We have plenty of modules in stock, they are remanufactured, tested and fully working. We have modules in stock almost for any make and model that we work on. If we don’t have your module in stock, we’ll let you know and tell you exactly when it’ll be available.

No, we don’t have used computers for sale and we don’t sell used parts. Every module we have in stock is fully rebuilt and tested.

Yes, we can program any used computer. We need original module for this procedure and used module with the same part number. Even if your original computer is damaged or not communicating with the scanner.