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ECU Team With over 25 years of expertise in the 12V electronics industry, our team has developed solutions for some of the most intricate module issues.

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Reliable Auto Computer Solutions for Every Vehicle

A wide range of auto computer solutions dedicated for both professionals and end-users.



We have developed advanced bench simulators that replicate your vehicle, allowing us to live-test your auto control modules to ensure they function correctly.



Auto computer repair is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. We specialize in repairing modules when possible, leveraging over 25 years of expertise in this precise service.



Purchase a used auto computer anywhere, and we'll transfer the data from your original unit to the used one. The used module will function identically to the original—plug and play. Save hundreds today!



ECU Team’s specialists are highly skilled in programming and synchronizing modules to your specific vehicle. Module programming is essential for your new unit to function correctly.



Obtain a remanufactured auto control unit from us for a worry free solution. Each module undergoes rigorous testing, constructed with durable components, and flashed to surpass OEM performance standards for your vehicle.

1 Year

Warranty On Parts

ECU Team offers a 1-year warranty on parts for a hassle-free solution. Enjoy fast replacements and rest assured with our commitment to quality service and products.

Auto Computer


Our team supports clients with a wide range of Vehicle Electronic issues. ECU Team is considered a reliable source by Service Shops Nationwide, and offers the most advanced solutions available.

Engine Control Module

The engine control module (ECM) manages and regulates various functions within the engine, such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and emissions control, to optimize engine performance and efficiency.

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Transmission Control Module

The Transmission Control Module (TCM) manages automatic transmission functions like gear shifts and torque converter operation, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency. It communicates with the Engine Control Module (ECM) to coordinate vehicle operations.

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Body Control Module

The Body Control Module (BCM) manages and controls various electrical systems and functions within a vehicle's body, such as lighting, climate control, door locks, and other comfort and convenience features. It acts as a centralized hub for these systems, facilitating communication between them and ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently.

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Immobilizer / Keys

An immobilizer is a security system in vehicles that prevents engine ignition unless the correct key or key fob is present. Keys or key fobs contain chips that communicate with the vehicle to enable engine starting when authorized.​

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Other Modules

Other modules such as Light Control, Footwell, A/C Control, ESP, Comfort, and Gateway play crucial roles in your vehicle's operation. We provide repair or replacement services for these modules to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and reliably.



Loyal customer, i think over 3 years. They absoutely love their passion. Be a patient and great customer! They have worked on my Porsche's and Audi's. Some projects have taken a year but it was a success. I did a 2018 Audi engine swap in a 2013 Audi. They sent off my car scans of all the codings, to Germany and I waited months but results came in. Progress is always being made with them. Support small business because dealerships can't and won't do the work they do!


I manage 2 transmission & auto repair shops in Jupiter and West Palm Beach. We are always looking for solid computer guys to work with us. It’s very difficult to find a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time, for a fair price, and communicates throughout. When I went and picked up the ECM module we had repaired I was skeptical, but Oleg, one of the technicians, took me to his desk and opened the module up. All I could say was,”Beautiful!” Once installed 1994 F-350 runs like a beast.

Atlantic Transmission

I Called about an ECU issue and was taken care of the same day! Very nice customer service and fast service on the spot. I’m very pleased and will be coming back

Kaycie V

Excellent 👍 saved my bacon with a 2010 genesis sedan 4.6 ECU clone job. Not the cheapest, but the only one who could do it and didn't have to wait 3+months (unknown eta) for a new one. Saved me from having a dead car, wish I went with them the first time and saved myself the headache and time (Avoid Flagship1)

Dan D

My Mercedes was having trouble starting, figured out it was the computer. Took my computer to these guys and they had it ready very fast, my car started right after plugging it in. Highly recommend them, prices are very reasonable compared to anyone else. Very kind and professional staff. I’m very pleased to have gone to them. 10/10

Carlos Lopez

ECU Team – Life saver! I’ve got a Mercedes ignition switch problem and intermittent start…sometimes it does, sometimes does not… ECU Team resolved problem within 5 days. Nobody could figure out the problem for more then 8 months 🙂. I’ll recommend your services to everyone!!!

Mike Brown

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It’s easy! Use our online service request form and we’ll provide you with our premium services quickly. ECU Team offers expedited return shipping of your module all over the USA.

The Fairest Prices Guaranteed

Unlike other companies in the industry, our pricing is transparent and approached with honesty. We test the module on a bench simulator prior to quote you.

Simple Process With Updates

ECU Team keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Upon arrival of unit, every customer is given access to our portal, giving clients a step by step notifications of progress and updates.

Technical Support

No matter if you are a vehicles owner or a highly experienced service professional, our assistance is available. Upon receiving our products, ECU Team offers professional technical assistance.

Dealer-Level Diagnostic Report

ECU Team utilizes the industries most advanced bench-test simulators ever created, along with dealership-level diagnostic scanning equipment. 100% accurate.

Quality Guaranteed

We know what we do. We love what we do. Highly experienced engineers, over 20 Years in business, resolving the most complex problems with automotive control modules.