Known as ECU Team to the industry, our highly experienced team have found solutions to some of the industry’s most complex vehicle electronic systems, and their control module issues .

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The Best Auto Computer Specialists. ECU Team works on the European, Domestic and Asian most important and complex auto computer modules and solutions for your automotive electronics needs. We offer auto modules Repair, Testing, Programming, Software Cloning and Remanufacturing. Want to know more about solutions we offer for auto computers? In this page we’ll answer the question “What are you doing with Auto Control Modules?” and explain how we perform Auto Computer Services.

Auto Computer Services

Plug and Play Solutions Available

  • Auto Computer Full Diagnostic using "bench-simulators" built by ECU team
  • Auto Computer Repair and Return
  • Programming and Coding to match your vehicle's specs
  • Full Cloning/Software Swap
  • Remanufacturing/Reconditioning
  • 1 Year Warranty for your Auto Computer

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Control Modules We Work on

Plug and Play Solutions Available

  • Engine Control Modules also called ECU/ECM/PCM
  • Transmission Control Modules | TCM/TCU
  • Body Control Modules | BCM/BCU/GM
  • Light Control Modules | LCM/FRM/Footwell
  • Security Modules | Immo/CAS/EWS/SKREEM/EIS
  • Electronic Ignition Switches | EIS/EZS
  • Steering Locks | ESL
  • And other modules...

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Why Choose ECU Team?

Solutions That Works

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  • Fast Turnaround and Shipping
  • Fairest Prices Guaranteed
  • Technical Support
  • Dealer-Level Diagnostic Report
  • Simple Process From The Very Beginning
  • Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Auto Computer services


Diagnostic / Testing

We developed the most advanced bench simulators allowing us to imitate your vehicle on the bench and live-test your auto control modules to make sure they are functioning the right way.


Module Repair

Auto computer repair is the best way to save some money. You don’t always need a replacement. We can help fix your module if it’s repairable, and we’ve got 20+ years of experience doing exactly this!


Clonning / Remapping

Buy a used auto computer anywhere and let us transfer the data from the original unit to the used one. Used module will become the same as the original, Plug’n’Play. Save hundreds today $$$!


ECU Programming

ECU Team’s specialists are highly skilled at their job and can get your module programmed and synchronized to your car individually. You can’t get your new module working without module programming.



Get a re manufactured auto control unit built by us for a worry-free solution. Every module is tested, built with the toughest parts and then flashed to exceed the best OEM performance for your car.


1 Year Warranty ECU

ECU Team offers limited 1 Year Warranty for parts and labor. Hassle-free solution, get yourself covered with unexpected situations. Fast replacement. We stand behind our products and services.

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Auto Computers We Work On

Our team supports clients with a wide range of Vehicle Electronic issues. ECUTeam is considered a reliable source by Service Shops Nationwide, and offers the most advanced solutions available.

Don’t see your type of unit listed below? Contact us about additional services available!

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Engine Control Module

Operates the vehicle’s engine system. A smart and complex unit. We offer a wide range of options for your auto computer module, also known as ECU, ECM, DME or PCM.

Transmission Module

A very important part of the electronics chain in every modern vehicle. It’s controlling your gearbox and working in conjunction with the ECU. Also known as TCM, TCU. Exists as external and internal unit (conductor plate).

Body Control Module

Provides communication between all the modules in the vehicle. Most of the time its main application is controlling load drivers actuating relays that in turn perform actions in the car and communication gateway between them.

Immobilizer / Keys

The security device fitted to your vehicle that prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder inside of the key is present. The immobilizer is also known as: “Immo, CAS, EWS, EIS or SKEEM/SKREEM”. We work on all of them.​

Other Modules

Light Control, Footwell, A/C control, ESP, Comfort, Gateway etc. modules are also important for correct running of your vehicle. We offer repair or replacement services for most of these.
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Fast Turnaround & Shipping

It’s easy! Use our online service request form and we’ll provide you with our premium services quickly. ECU Team offers expedited return shipping of your module all over the USA.

Technical Support

No matter if you are a vehicles owner or a highly experienced service professional, our assistance is available. Upon receiving our products, ECU Team offers professional technical assistance.

The fairest prices guaranteed

Unlike other companies in the industry, our pricing is transparent and approached with honesty. We test the module on our bench simulator prior to quote you.

Dealer-Level Diagnostic Report

ECU Team utilizes the industries most advanced bench-test simulators ever created, along with dealership-level diagnostic scanning equipment. 100% accurate.

simple process with updates

ECU Team keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Upon arrival of unit, every customer is given access to our portal, giving clients a step by step notifications of progress and updates.

quality guaranteed

We know what we do. We love what we do. Highly experienced engineers, over 20 Years in business, resolving the most complex problems with automotive control modules.

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Knowledge Source: ECU, TCM, BCM, Immo, Key | Makes: (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Mini-Cooper)