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Toyota Auto Computer Specialists. ECU Team works on the Toyota most important and complex auto computer modules and solutions for your automotive electronics needs. We offer Toyota modules Repair, Testing, Programming, Software Cloning and Remanufacturing. Want to know more about solutions we offer for Toyota computers? In this page we’ll answer the question “What are you doing with Toyota modules?” and explain how we perform Auto Computer Services.


100% Plug and Play Solution

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  • Send us your defective Toyota (ECU) / Auto Computer
  • We TEST and REPAIR your Toyota Module
  • We'll send it back to you with 1 Year Warranty

Turnaround time: 3-5 days

Toyota | Module Cloning Service

100% Plug and Play Solution

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Turnaround time: 2-3 days

Toyota | Engine Computer + Key Programming Service

100% Plug and Play Solution

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  • Full Key Coding to your vehicle's engine computer
  • Key Fob Programming to your vehicle
  • Lost key programming to your Immobilizer
Note: send your engine computer + Key all together. If you don’t have key, send just the engine computer.

Turnaround time: 3-4 days



We developed the most advanced bench simulators allowing us to imitate your vehicle on the bench and live-test your Toyota modules to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Toyota ECU Repair

Toyota computer repair is the best way to save some money. You don’t always need a replacement. We can fix your module if it’s repairable, we’ve got 20+ years of experience doing exactly this!


Buy a used Toyota auto computer anywhere and let us transfer the data from the original unit to the used one. Used module will become the same as the original, Plug’n’Play. Save hundreds $$$!


ECU Team’s specialists are highly skilled at their job and can get your Toyota ECU module programmed to your car individually. You can’t get new module working without coding it.


Get a Toyota remanufactured control unit built by us for a worry-free solution. Every module is tested, built with toughest parts and then flashed to exceed the best OEM performance.


ECU Team offers limited 1 Year Warranty for parts and labor. Hassle-free solution, get for yourself and your Toyota ECU covered with unexpected situations. We stand behind our products *.

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ECU Team - offering one of the best service for Toyota Auto Control Modules in the industry. Working on engine control modules over 20 Years with highly experienced engineers allow us to develop Hi-End simulators to get your module correctly diagnosed. We can determine the exact problem and fix it or build you another module if yours is not repairable.

ECU Team Corp.


Toyota Smart Key Reset

Got a Toyota SMART Key from another car? You can't get it programmed without unlocking the security code. ECU Team specialists can help you doing that. Contact us for more details.

Toyota Key Fob Programming

ECU Team can help you with getting your Toyota Key for programmed to your vehicle. If you have hard time looking for a locksmith, we are here to help! We can also add an extra key fob.

Key Transponder Programming

Most of the Toyota keys comes with transponder. It's a tiny chip that contains your security data that must match the immobilizer. Our specialists can program your Lexus transponder for you.

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Toyota Key Cut

Toyota Key programming is not enough. Especially if it's a metal key. It has to be cut to match your ignition cylinder secret. We can help you cut the new key or duplicate original.

Toyota Key Refreshing

You might notice your Toyota key has a lot of wear signs. Using our unique multi-stage process, ECU Team is able to restore them to “like new” condition — making them look amazing.

Lexus OEM Key Selling

ECU Team has original Toyota keys and key fobs in stock. Get your new key today! We offer wide range of Lexus keys, different sizes, form factors and types. Check our STORE today.

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Why Choose 'ECU Team'


It’s easy! Use our online service request form and we’ll provide you with our premium services quickly. ECU Team offers expedited return shipping of your module all over the USA.


Unlike other companies in the industry, our pricing is transparent and approached with honesty. We test the module on our bench simulator prior to quote you.


ECU Team keeps you informed throughout the entire process. Upon arrival of unit, every customer is given access to our portal, giving clients a step by step notifications of progress and updates.


No matter if you are a vehicles owner or a highly experienced service professional, our assistance is available. Upon receiving our products, ECU Team offers professional technical assistance.


ECU Team utilizes the industries most advanced bench-test simulators ever created, along with dealership-level diagnostic scanning equipment. 100% accurate.


We know what we do. We love what we do. Highly experienced engineers, over 20 Years in business, resolving the most complex problems with automotive control modules.

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