Lexus IS350 | 2006-2013 | Denso 89661-Xxxxx | ECU Repair


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ATTENTION! This listing is for the REPAIR OF YOUR MODULE ONLY! Make sure you read the description carefully! If you have questions, contact us now: +1(888) 541-6025

ECU Team Corp. – The leader in automotive control module programming worldwide.

Since this is a REPAIR service, we first diagnose the module on our Mercedes bench-simulator to determine if it is repairable. If so, we proceed with the repair immediately. If the module is beyond economic repair (often the case with water damage), we will contact you with other options to get your problem resolved.

At ECU Team, we are capable of repairing board-level hardware issues as well as software corruption problems (in most cases) right in our facility. All Auto Computer work is performed in-house by highly trained technicians and never outsourced. Rest assured your module is in good hands!

Modules with water damage are typically beyond economic repair and we would suggest an alternative solution.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in



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NOTE: This service is specific to the Auto Computer shown in the image on this listing: Lexus IS350 | 2006-2013 | Denso 89661-Xxxxx ECU Repair. If your module does not look exactly like the Auto Computer in this listing, you may have a different module type or you may have accessed the wrong module in the vehicle. If you’re still unsure, you can start the filtering process on our website over again paying specific attention to the vehicle year, model or trim, etc. Still confused? Contact us at: +1 (888) 541-6025

It is your (or your mechanic’s) job to pinpoint the issue to a failing module after ruling out all other possibilities!

Common symptoms of a failing Lexus IS350 ECU Auto Computer:

  • Hard shifting
  • Crank, NO start condition
  • Engine Misfire(s)
  • Random ECU trouble codes
  • O2 Sensor code(s)
  • CAM/Crank shaft sensor code(s)


  1. In the event that no issues were found in your module, a $85 bench-test fee will be assessed upon returning your module.
  2. If your module incurs damage upon connecting to your vehicle after our service was performed, warranty is VOID.
  3. Labor is NOT refundable in any case.
  4. If your module arrives at our facility and you decide to cancel this service, the bench-test fee still applies.
  5. NOTE: the bench-test fee is not a separate charge, this is a service performed on every repair job and the fee is part of the total repair service cost.

This is a Lexus IS350 ECU Repair Service Only!

Knowledge Source: Lexus IS350 | ECU

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in



, , , , , , ,

Engine Type


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