BMW F-Series | 2011-2018 | S55 | DME Clone Service | 7555417 | MEVD172


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ATTENTION! This listing is for the CLONE SERVICE OF YOUR MODULE ONLY! Read description carefully! You must ship another module to ECU Team with the SAME PART NUMBER (or at least same exact vehicle model & engine) from your ECU. This service includes full security synchronization system for your specific vehicle. We do not only clone the data like our competitors! After a successful clone, we verify the data health and make sure the module will be plug & play into your vehicle. If you have more questions, contact us now: +1(888) 541-6025

ECU Team Corp. – The leader in automotive control module programming worldwide.

Since this is a CLONE service, we first diagnose the module on our bench-simulator to determine if it is able to be cloned properly. If so, we proceed with the service immediately. If the module is beyond service functionality (sometimes the case with water damage), we will contact you with other options to get your problem resolved.

This service includes a 1 year warranty on labor onlySince we don’t provide the replacement unit we cannot offer warranty on it. If you’d like a 1 year warranty on both the part and service, please see our Re-Manufactured listings.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in


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NOTE: This clone service is specific to the Auto Computer shown in the image on this listing: BMW F Series | 2011-2018 | S55 | DME Clone Service| 7555417 | MEVD172 equipped with S55 engines. If your module part number does not match the Auto Computer in this listing (full list of part numbers below), you may have a different module type or you may have accessed the wrong module in the vehicle. If you’re still unsure, you can start the filtering process on our website over again paying specific attention to the vehicle year, model or trim, etc. Still confused? Contact us at: +1 (888) 541-6025

It is your (or your mechanic’s) job to pinpoint the issue to a failing module after ruling out all other possibilities!

What we need from the vehicle:

If the DME communicates properly:

  1. the OE DME
  2. a donor DME with SAME part number

If the DME does NOT communicate: 

  1. The OE DME
  2. The OE KEY
  3. The OE FEM (front electronic module) OR the OE CAS4 & OE Gateway module (vehicle will have one setup or the other: FEM or CAS+Gateway module)
  4. a donor DME with SAME part number

Common symptoms of a failing BMW MEVD172 DME (Engine Control Unit):

  • ECU no communication
  • Persistent O2 Sensor code
  • Persistent Camshaft or Crankshaft codes
  • No Crank, No Start
  • Crank, No Start
  • Random, Multiple Codes
  • Misfire Codes
  • Radiator FAN is blowing at full speed & has no control


  1. In the event that no issues were found in your module, a $100 bench-test fee will be assessed upon returning your module.
  2. If your module incurs damage upon connecting to your vehicle after our service was performed, warranty is VOID.
  3. Labor is NOT refundable in any case.
  4. If your module arrives at our facility and you decide to cancel this service, the bench-test fee still applies. NOTE: the bench-test fee is not a separate charge, this is a service performed on every repair job and the fee is included in the total clone service cost.
  5. NOTE about general ECU damage level: Once we receive your module, we analyze the level of damage. If your module is damaged to the point that it is beyond economic repair, we will either charge per hour to repair or, most often it makes more sense to purchase a Re-Manufactured unit rather than a clone.

This is a BMW MEVD172 DME Clone Service Only!

Supported (known) DME Part Numbers: 


7555417 | 8635896 | 8639582 | 8645445 | 8672514 | 9895530


Knowledge Source: BMW S55 | ECU

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 7 in


, ,


, , , , , , ,

Engine Type


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